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ya. im gonna thin my Abu herd out a bit.

you know how all the 7500c3ct are blue aluminum right? ya. they suck. aluminum scratches easy, dings easy, gets bent easy.

chrome is actually very friggin hard, doesnt scratch easy, or ding. SO~ ...
i took my 7500c3 chrome levelwind. and gave it a CT cage from the 75c3ct blue..
now its a 7500C3CT Chrome.. rocket? lol.. which is why. its a pretty damn rare reel.
i know alot of you collectors... should be drooling by now. :drool:

its been a long time, i dont have box no more. i used the reel a few times... love it.
mech- 10/10 cosm- 9/10 . the thumb side of the ct frame has little pin size dings. everything else is great.
i just finished relubing the reel. clean it a bit and took pics.

dont miss out on a once in a LONG LONG LONG while opportunity. you wont see many of these reels anymore.

$350 shipped. paypal.

here are pics. need a towel for the drool? :drool:

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