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Factory built. Century Kompressor WR300 13'3 rod with carbon reducer. (14'6"~ with reducer)
rung all the way with Fuji BNHG guides. ive replace the crappy BNHG tip, with a SiC BMNAT tangle free type. (sorry i dont know the number for this)
comes with rod, reducer, and a heavy duty 2section nylon weave rod bag

here is the specs on the rod, i shamelessly copied from Century's website.
* Factory Finish: Fuji BNHG guides
* Casting Ratio: 4-8oz (125 – 225gm)
* Butt Diameter: 1 ” (2.54cm)
* Length: 13’3” (4.03m)
* Tip: 85 1/4 ” (2.17m)
* Butt: 74” (1.87m)
* Japanese shrink rubber grips at joint
* Stainless steel trim band at joint
* Supplied complete with Century carbon reducer, Century sliding reel seat with integrated Coaster and Century rod case

this rod, WR300 and TT-R are Century's flagship rods.

this is my distance tourney rod, proven capable of casting over 300yards (900'+)
ive only used this rod ONLY! over grass. it never seen water. its in MINT condition. 10 outta 10
with my skill level. i have cast measured over 240yards with a 150gr sinker. YMMV
its also a BEAUTIFUL rod, you wont see rods like these in the US.. ever.

if you want to use this rod for heavy hitting 8nbait.. itll do it with EASE
infact, you can hurl 12nbait with this.. this is how damn powerful this rod is. no joke. trust me. this rod has BAWLS.

the price? - 630$ locally.
paypal price 645$ because of the monsterous % fee

+shipping --- if you really want it shipped.
should be around 30$ or so, via USPS priority in a rod tube.

ill take USPS MO for this one. (prefered) but will accept paypal



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Test Drive?

`Eric; I live in Midwood. Can I try throwing it? We can meet @ Marine Park or Canarsie. I know & have thrown with Troy. let me know. 718.376.8501

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600 shipped . last call.

i need this rod OUT.

i could use the money for the car or house.

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