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Excellent Croaker & White Perch Fishing
by Ken Lamb

August 1, 2016 | The bottom fishing for croaker and white perch was excellent this week.

The perch in the rivers on 20 to 30 foot edges are steadily taking bloodworm and peeler crab baits. Squid and shrimp are excellent bait too for the pan fish. The perch can be 9 to 11 inches consistently in the deeper water. The perch are plentiful in the creeks and the small fish from 6 to 8 inches are crowding in for cast lures. Catching the big ones requires searching up the creeks and rivers looking for structure and deep holes under overhanging trees. A perfectly cast Beetle spin in a fishy location that produces a 13 inch perch should be on every fisherman's bucket list.

White perch were caught off the shore at the Elms Beach pubic park just below Spring Ridge off route 235 last week where one angler reported landing big ones two at the time on his double hook bottom rig.

Some tiny spot are in the mouth of the Patuxent at The O'Club and Second Beach.

The croaker are biting in the early mornings on high tides in the rivers in about 40 feet. The evening brings them into 18 to 12 feet, and sunset finds them in the shallows. The average size is increasing to 12 to 13 inches. Beach fishermen find them after sunset all up and down the Patuxent and Potomac.

Cobia continue to to be caught on the lumps below the Target Ship by chummers using fresh chum or frozen chum logs and baiting their hooks with fresh alewives. Live eels are also a bait of choice, but the bait shops only have them erratically. Trollers are getting blues and cobia using surgical eel lures as well as spoons and feathered jigs. A big one was caught this week on a big MoJo lure dressed with a nine inch yellow/green shad. There are reports that crabbers are finding young cobia in their crab pots below Smith Point in Virginia.

Rockfish are in the Patuxent and Potomac and want to feed at dusk and dawn (90-degree heat will do that). Lure casters using popping plugs, bucktails, and sassy shads will find them in the shallows when the sun is low on the horizon.

School bells are faintly being heard in the distance. Now is the time to get everyone out on the water and making memories.
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