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Has been happening ALL Week since Last Sunday,, on area Carolina Beach Piers.. How many kings caught this week?
Can I Guess-a-mate and say at LEAST 40 for each pier (Kure & Carolina)..Since Sunday..
Like the Early 70's type of King Bite going on....
Hitting the pier tomorrow...
Water temp 72.0
Winds South to SSE @ 10~15..
Temps in the Low Mid-70's..
1 to 3 ft surf, Very fishable!
water is CLEARING..
Tomorrows forecast,
Cold-front forecast, (dry front) expected to pass through Early tomorrow Morning, Thursday night into Friday,,, Winds slowly veering & switching to the NorthWest then Northeast.. 10~15 all day Friday, , THEN SW by late Saturday...
Tight lines ALL!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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