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Edisto Island

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I am thinking about hitting Edisto Island this weekend..... was wondering whats bitting in the surf or on the flats?
Any info would be helpfull. :confused:
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Probably the usual suspects, trout, reds, sheepshead, whiting, etc. I imagine that the blues, flounder, and pompano aren't too far off. Flounder may already be here. However, ever since my car broke down, I haven't been able to fish. :mad:
:confused: Hammerhead_Hunter - you have a direct link to an image from my homepage as your sig. line!! Are you trying to steal my shark?? That's as bad as stealing gear off the pier. :mad: I don't appreciate that!

Be original - not a copy cat!! :confused:

But, to show how nice I am, my girlfriend has a knack for finding great icons and sig. lines. If you want her to find you something, let me know by replying to this post. Also, what you would like a picture of, rather than the exact same shark?? Reply and let me know.

Problem solved. I noticed it when it was posted and didn't remember who had that icon. So it's taken care of now. ;)
Thanks Emanuel. Not that I own the icon, I just didn't want the direct link to my homepage. :rolleyes:

Sorry, can't help you out down SC way on F'n reports. Sad that your post digressed into some who's icon is it anyway thing.

Koz & E might just mighy need a reality check, all this P&S air getting to them a bit much ?

Go fish,

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1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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