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edible fish guide?

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Does anyone know of any fish guide available over the internet that aside from giving some information about the fish, also recommends how to prepare/eat it?
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What you want is a "Cook book" by James Beard. He was probably the most famous (well deserved) authority on cooking "ALL" seafood that has ever lived! Pretty strong statement, right, well it was the great chefs around the world that agreed on this!!
He usually gave a description of each item to go along with his recipes. There is nothing else (book) that comes remotely close!
sounds interesting..... until recently, i didn't know you could eat blowfish. Apparently they are pretty good. I started reading old posts about it, and came across some where folks were eating stargazers! They say the tail is good to eat. If I catch one, he's toast!

you only live once. :D
Greetings itsme!

The following sie has recipes for fish caught in the Atlantic:

Lots of information (propoganda?) on commercial fishing operations, too!
I have a friend thats really into fishing and held the state record king mac caught on the sandbridge pier. anyway he fishes for stargazers at rudee inlet, he catches them with gloved hands next to the rocks, he claims they are just like monkfish and are occasionally sold as monkfish. I had always thrown them back, but I know he is worth his salt and plan on trying them. sounds wierd going fishing without poles but I witnessed him catch four big ones while I unsecusefully flounder fished next to him
I have a recipe guide coming soon that everyone will be able to contribute to. Just have to find the time to get it up and running.
Anything is edible.....if you are hungary enough. I've seen plenty of people keep skates (God knows why).
yep anything, I read a recipe for barracuda in saltwater sportsman march
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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