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Went fishing with one of my neighbors on Saturday.

Got to Eddy Creek at CCNS about 6:30 am. Squadrons of mosquitos greeted us as soon as we opened the doors to the truck, causing us to frantically spray each other down with copious amounts of bug spray.

Watched the sun rise and swatted more mosquitos

While my neighbor tossed his cast net, I tried some gold spoons, silver spoons and even some 1/4 oz. DOA shrimp. Nada, zip, zilch.

Originally, my neighbor wanted to walk around to the "point", but the high water prevented that (much to my relief - more on the gators later)

My neighbor discovered that his cast net had some broken lines (he has kids) so we only managed to catch about 10 finger mullet.

Endured one passing rain shower, and later on, one kick-butt thunderstorm, which we rode out in my truck. Both lasted less than 45 minutes.

Didn't have any luck at Eddy Creek, so we moseyed on over to the beach with our precious few mullet. I managed to land a nice bluefish on a lip-hooked finger mullet. (16" at the fork). My friend struck out.

Went back to Eddy Creek to try and get some more finger-mullet. Nice sized gator patrolling about 50 yds off the boat ramp, so I got to stand "gator patrol" while my friend tossed the net a few more times.

Headed over to the boat-ramp at Parrish Park late in the day and my friend finally managed to catch a small trout.

All in all a 12 hour fishing day, but even with the storms and mosquitos, and the fact that I forgot to bring chairs, so we were basically on our feet all day, it sure beat being at work!
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