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Early season surf fishing in VB

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Hey all, long time no post.

My father-in-law is currently visiting and wants to hit the beaches for a little surf fishing. I live on the water on Ft. Story so I usually just walk out to the water. If we're feeling like putting more effort into it, we thought we might hit a pier.

I don't have a lot of experience fishing this time of year. I've read the handouts on what's "supposed" to be out there, but I'd rather hear it from you all. Anything hitting this time of year? If so, what should I be thinking about for rig/bait etc....?
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Oh interesting, I hadn't thought of that. I've never targeted them but I hear they're not too difficult to catch.
I managed to get out to the Ft. Story beach. It was a weird trip. Up front: We got skunked. BUT... man it looked like there was a lot going on in the water. A little baitfish bouncing around, birds diving for catches non-stop. I really had a good feeling going out there.

I fished the first trough for bottom feeders like croaker with a double drop rig and some fish bites (they seem to love them). Came up empty. I took my long pole and fished the second trough with the same, nothing again. I switched out rigs to something a little beefier and hooked up shrimp and shad (alternating on casts). Something ran off with my shad after a very short pull, but every time I targeted the other side of that sand bar I just pulled up TONS of seaweed. One time I could barely drag everything back on to the beach, must have been 15 pounds of seaweed on the line. Terrible stuff.

Still, can't catch anything if you don't try, and the water definitely felt warm enough that some things might be moving in. Plus, there was all the great luck the birds seemed to have with little ones.
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lol... "I just want something to pull on my pole!"
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