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From all the shooting, chainsaws, and race cars my ears have paid the price. No hearing aid but the constant ringing.

I get my ear plugs ... now... from an Otolaryngologist (ear, nose ant throat Dr.) They are molded to fit my ears, they always fit. If I'm shooting under a roof I also wear muffs on top of my plugs. You can still hear range commands (through the bones in your head, I know that sounds strange but its true).
Pistols are just about as bad as it gets due to muzzle blast close to your ears and muzzle brakes.
The ringing you have may be temporary, don't play with muzzle blast.

I feel sorry for all these young dudes that play the car stereo loud, you know the ones that you can hear 2 blocks away :rolleyes:. They will be visiting the Otolaryngologist, it won't be to purchase ear plugs.
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