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I went to the range with my friends today. And im pretty new to shooting. And my 2 friends really dont know much about guns and specs and assesories. They just have a gun and go to the range.

Probably my 3rd time. I was shooting my friends fns9 and glock17.

My friend gave me these orange ear plugs. It basically looks like 3 rubber cups, going from small to large. Connected with a blue string. I have no idea what they are called or what brand or anything. Previous times i used those orange foam ones and i liked them. Other than the fact they slowly start coming out.

Anways the 3 of us only went through like 100 bullets, and everybody else using lanes only had handguns too.

But today. My right ear was kinda ringing afterwards. Maybe its the plugs. Maybe i put them in incorrectly...somehow... Or maybe somebody just had a louder gun...

Anways. If im going to keep doing this. I want to get better ear protection. Like the headset ear muff things. Almost everyone in the range, but us, had on headsets.

Dont really know where to get a solid recomendation. So i thought maybe yall hunters know.
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