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First time post.
Sorry, had to call you that. I had a friend back home with your name.

I am heading down to the Murrell's Inlet area to do some surf fishing on Thursday. Last year I caught a crowd of sharks and blues. Is that what I can expect this year as well? You seem to be in the know. Any help would be appreciated.
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Heh, I can't remember how many times I've been called that. One time some kids thought it was a drug nickname and that meant I sold Ecstasy.:rolleyes:

Anyways, back to topic. You'll prolly catch alot of sharks, blues and croaker right around this time of year. The jack crevalles are due any time now, I think I saw some working the mullet schools tonight. There is always the possibilty of hooking into a large red drum even with the water temps as high as they are. I caught one Friday night that went 43", so they are still around. My guess on that one is that as hard as the winter was, they are sticking around the nearshore to work on all the baitfish that are around.
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