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I got this post from NC Dept. of Marine Fisheries. Just goes to show...

For Immediate Release: February 7, 2003

Media Contact: Nancy Fish, NCDMF


MOREHEAD CITY - The North Carolina Marine Patrol has charged Robert Carol Jones, Jr., 29, of 472 Williams Store Road, in Hampstead, on Feb. 4, with selling fish without a dealer's license, selling both undersized and oversized red drum, and possessing more red drum than the legal limit.

Red drum are considered overfished in North Carolina and stringent harvest restrictions are in place to aid in the recovery of the stock. Commercial fishermen can only possess seven red drum a day (approximately 35 pounds) from a catch comprised of at least 50 percent of other species by weight, and all fish have to be between 18 inches and 27 inches.

Jones had in his possession 326 pounds of red drum - 242 pounds were undersized fish and nine pounds were over the size limit. He also did not possess a North Carolina Dealer's License, which is the license fishermen must have if they are going to sell seafood to the public.

Marine Patrol Sergeant Harold Knudson and Officers Adam Carter and Ben Jackson issued the charges. The court date is set for April 17 in Pender County Courthouse in Burgaw.

If Jones is convicted, the Marine Patrol will pursue replacement costs for the
illegal red drum of $1.14 per pound.


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I got the same message from NCDMF and this is what IMHO think about it :Don't think the fine of replacement cost is enough...$286.14 That is LESS than a "handslap",hopefully they'll lay "the book" on em when he goes to court!!! :mad:
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