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Digging Sand Fleas at assateague or OC this time of year.

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So, I have dug for sand fleas multiple times (mainly in the middle to late fall time). I tend to find them where the lowest tide would be (even in high tide). I know that many web posting say that you find them: in the wash; they move around as the tide moves; or you look for the antennas poking out of the sand, etc, etc. I have had no luck with that.

So, what I do is:

-- Take my trusty sand flea rack.
-- Got out into the waves.
-- Go a little beyond the point where the beach slopes down.

-- Then start a searching routine:
-- Start working my rake in the sand (let the waves wash the sand out.
-- If I find no fleas, move in towards the beech.
-- repeat this loop, until I find something: big or small fleas.

-- Now I have the depth they are at. So, start to move lateral along the beach.
-- It's kind of hard to keep on this line, so, if I stop finding them, start a new search routine again.

Now, my question: Does this work in the spring time?? Any other pointers would be much appreciated.

-- Finally, a store owner at a OC bait shop said that sand fleas were nocturnal. He said that you just go out at night and catch them by the bucket full running around. Have you guys ever heard anything like that? I don't know if he was jerking my chain or what? Maybe he and his drinking buddies got a good laugh of picturing me with a flash light and bucket looking for the scurrying little devils??

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Whoever you talked to at the OC bait shop is correct, fleas are easier to catch at night. That is when all the guys who get them for the tackle shops go out and a lot of them also work at the local tackle shops. They also follow a cycle with the tide and moon phase as to when the best time to catch them. There are also other things to take into account such as wind direction and strength, wave height and beach shape and structure. The guys who get them commercially use custom made rakes much larger than the ones you see for sale in the tackle shops. A good sign as to when the sand fleas are available is when the oyster catchers show up and they showed up about 3 weeks ago. It is too early to get them in any commercial quantity right now as they are deeper in the sand and you will have do dig for them with a shovel or your hands depending on where they are on the beach. If they are in the softer sand of the wash I usually do better with my hands but be careful, you can really tear your hands up if you dig too much.

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