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Different Blues

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What's the difference between taylor and snapper blues?

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Same thing........younger & smaller ,prolly from 1.5# down.I guess you could have an older midget though! the R
Is there a season where larger blues are in the bay? I've asked this before but noone seems to be into the blues?:confused:
The larger blues usually run in the fall. The bay hasn't been the greatest place for large blues since the 80's. I haven't seen a 10 lb blue in the bay, at least from shore, in at least a decade. Most of the blues in the bay range from 1-5 pounds with an occasional larger one.
So OC is a good place in the fall to fish the big blues? Say sometime in October and on?
OC would be one place for sure. Better chance than the bay, though a few miles off-shore is where you'll have trhe best chance a a big blue.
Up here the baby blues are called snappers then when then get a little bigger we call them harbor blues until the get to about 8 to 10 LBS then they are call blues. I also heard the harbor blues called cocktail blues.
anyone else got the 'blues'?
Caught some nice 8lb - 10-lb blues in the surf off Assateague Island, while looking for stripers. October November, good for them, and stripers hit pretty much from October through May. Use cut bunker exclusively while at the surf.

Also, caught some decent ones (blues) March through May, though it seems that this spring was the spring for skate, rays and sharks mostly.
Forget the Bay for chomper blues - they just are not there. Spend your time and energy concentrating on catching them in the Atlantic and surrounding inlets. Blues up to 40" have been caught at AI in the last couple of months.
How and where do you fish at OC and around that area? I've been to OC a few times but never actually fish there. I know summers are crowded with swimmers and etc but I am interested in taking a fishing trip there.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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