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Plan on fishing Sunday but not sure where I want to go. It's either a 2hr trip to Rock Hall and fish for white perch,spots,blues and stripers or 2hr trip to Kent narrows and fish by the headboats for white perch,spots, blues and stripers. Pretty sure I can catch lots of fish in Rock Hall not sure about Kent narrows never fished from shore there. High tide around 7a
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Looking like Rock Hall buddy of mine wants to go. He not up for trying something new so Rock Hall it is. Maybe Kent narrows nxt Sunday
Arrived late by my standards fishing by 830a but waited on my buddy and his son's who had a 45min drive to get to me. My preferred time would have been fishing by 630a. Anyhow white perch were biting jigs soon as we arrived but pretty much shutdown by 930a. That's where this site helped me a lot. My new friend Raheem who reads this site a lot was in the area and leaving due to family obligations gave me some razor clams. Me and my friend found a hole of white perch that was 5ft wide and a good flick cast from shore. Soon as you tighten up they were biting. I had my wiggler worms which weren't getting touched as I jigged but those clams are the truth. I brung home around 40 threw back lost and missed probably half that all white perch. I threw back a few short stripers also. My friend had a blast teaching his sons how to fish and I had a blast watching. I heard set the hook don't just wind in probably 100 times and keep your line tight so you can feel it another 100 times. All them together probably had over 30 white perch my friend also caught 1 nice and 1 really nice yellow perch easily 13in that surprised me 1st time seeing that. I'm guessing rain water had them yellow perch perch there and spots and blues far away. All in all fun trip oh and Andy as cold as it I still wouldn't wade for stripers I saw many good splashes on top of the water but still saw 3 snakes in the rocks.
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Also had a couple guys tell me early morning soft plastic good chance of keeper stripers. Along with lots of shorts mixed in
Long as it keeps producing quality and quantity of fish God willing it will be my Sunday morning retreat. Gotta get my money's worth on $22 license. And I love to eat fish
Long as weather is good God willing that will be my wknd routine. Home projects or wife quality time gets taken care of after work or after hunting and fishing.
Go white perch then I will know if it's only my spot where they stop hitting jigs around 930a. Last few times I been there they always turn off around mid morning
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