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Plan on fishing Sunday but not sure where I want to go. It's either a 2hr trip to Rock Hall and fish for white perch,spots,blues and stripers or 2hr trip to Kent narrows and fish by the headboats for white perch,spots, blues and stripers. Pretty sure I can catch lots of fish in Rock Hall not sure about Kent narrows never fished from shore there. High tide around 7a
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To bad your too far away from the Choptank, or Tred Avon River in Oxford MD. I hope your Rock Hall spot is not flooded and muddy. We had a lot of rain you know. Then it might push a lot of fish in your spot. You never really know. It's called fishing. Good luck where ever you go. Looking forward for your report. I'm going crappie and maybe a little bass fishing in a lake this morning 10/1/16 because the upper rivers are too high and muddy.
Good for you! Glad you all had a nice day. Good old Chester River. I miss it. You will see more yellow perch showing up as it gets colder, and they will be good size.
Long as it keeps producing quality and quantity of fish God willing it will be my Sunday morning retreat. Gotta get my money's worth on $22 license. And I love to eat fish
Would that be Hunting on Sat. Fishing on Sun. Your not that hard core are you? ;) I'm getting ready to go fishing somewhere. Crappie, or white perch. Can't make up my mind.
I did go white perch fishing this morning 10-3-16. The tide was running slow, and the fishing was slow for me. Check out my fishing report with a picture.
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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