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The Virginia Beach Fishing Center is
going to have a deep sea wreck
fishing trip on Saturday 3 January
for anybody who is interested. It is
not advertised on their website.
It will be on the Headboat Super Sport
II which can hold 140 people but they
are limiting it to 60 people! They will
be going out 50 to 60 miles. The trip
leaves at 5 am and gets back at 7pm.
One month of no sea bass fishing pressure
plus distance of wrecks should equal
great fishing. The cost is $90 per person.
Hope to meet some of you out there.

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Defintly interested!
Need to know a little more about the trip. When do I need the money and where is Headboat Super Sport 11 located.

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Sounds like a plan for me....

What will be out there? Just seabass or something little more...anyhow, I am in......Do I have to call fishing center myself or can I just show up same day with out reservation..?

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You can call the Virginia Beach Fishing Center,
the number is on their web site. Just give them
a call to make your reservation, they do not
accept credit card payments. You pay the morning
of departure. They can answer all questions at
the time of reservation. See you there!

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Just called the Fishing Center. This trip is sold out
(3 Jan 04). So who signed up in time? Mabye we
can meet up and get rail spots together.

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As usual I will post my report a little late.
I will include some lessons learned for
us MD folks who plan on going also.

The folks at the fishing office in Virginia Beach
will tell you to get there at 0415 am.
If you want a good spot I would recommend
getting there at least by 0330. The ticket
office only opens at @0415 but people
show up starting at 2:30 and put their rods
on the boat to reserve their spots. You cannot
purchase tickets until the actual morning of
departure, what you do is call ahead and
reserve your spot and then pay the morning
of departure. I got there at about 0330 and the
stern was already full. The bow was still open.
The trip out was about 41/2 hrs and the boat
was built to handle rough waters. The boat
was a little bit too crowded for my taste, but
then again I have gotten spoiled with all of the
room that Capt Monty gives you. You will be
fishing shoulder to shoulder and will get tangled
up since it is half drift fishing and half anchor
fishing. I started out using 12 ounce sinkers
and ended up going to 14 (could have easily
used 16). While they do serve microwave food
in the galley I would STRONGLY advise that you
bring your own food. Now for the fishing!
OUT OF THIS WORLD! First drop was mostly
dogfish and a few seabass, second drop was
a slow but steady pick of seabass, third and
last drop was legendary! Drop it down and
before you could count to three you got an
arm jerking strike. This went on for two
solid hours! Average fish was between
3-4 pounds with plenty of fish between
4-5 thrown in all around the boat. It got
so bad that toward the end I would bring
up the line after I got one fish on because
my arms were so tired. I was actually glad
when he said it was time to go. No Kidding.
The ride in was long but got a chance to
catch some sleep. There are plenty of
hotels right next to the fishing center
and the food down there is incredible.

Total fish catch for me and two others:

2 125 qt coolers filled to max with giant seabass,
not one throwback caught all day between
the three of us!


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Nice Report!

Lots of fish, can't beat that! When do you think you will be going again??

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FL Fisherman,

I am thinking about going on the weekend
of the 17th, again in early Feb and once more
in late Feb/early March (weather dependent).
If some of you guys want to meet up at the
headboat and show these guys how pierandsurf
members bail seabass, I would
definitely make that trip. According to the
Capt (Fred) the fishing gets better the
colder it gets. He said that we have not
seen the "really" good fishing yet, it has
been too warm. :)

P.S. The mates are top notch.

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The lowest seems to be 12 ounces while
16 ounces seemed to be fairly common.

I could easily see 18 or even 20 ounces being used
for a strong current day.
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