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For all of you who swore you would come to the next Water Access Committee meeting the December Anne Arundel Public Water Access Committee meeting is next Wednesday, 12/9/15, at 6 pm. Details below.

Please bring your photos of our water access points and plan on going to Gina's Cantina afterwards for tacos.

See you there.


Join the Water Access Committee for our December meeting this Wednesday, 12/9/15, at 6 pm at the DPW building at 445 Maxell Frye Road, Millersville MD 21108. We'll do a recap of 2015 and start planning 2016.

*Please bring your photos of our water access points - we'll have a show and tell. *

The President's Executive Order called for 300 new public water access points in 15 years. We've done 10 in 27 months! See the newspaper articles at the end of this page.

We'll adjourn to Gina's Cantina for tacos after the meeting.


1. Recap of 2015 Access Projects
2. Opportunities for 2016
3. Mayo Peninsula Parks Planning

See recent news articles on new access points

WAC guest column in the Capital:


Franklin Point State Park in Bay Weekly:

Ralph Heimlich's letter to the editor of the Capital:

Beachwood Park in the Pasadena Voice:

Beachwood Park and Spriggs Farm Park in the Capital:J
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