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Deal Of The Year!!!!!

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get this,

im gonna be at va beach from 8/5-8/10 so,....... i went to dicks sports on midlothian yesterday to get some extra stuff. WOW i got the deal of the year. they had a few 4 packs of yozuri minnows in 4 different sizes for get this..... $4 !!!!!!!!! not a piece but for all 4!!! needless to say i got a few packs. they also had 20% off all lures. has anyone been at lynnhaven lately??? im lookin to fish there a few days. well i just thgought yall should know about the steal of a deal they got at dicks before they are all out!!hey.... anyone of yall gona be there while im there???? let me know. im the only one in the group thats gonna be doin any fishin. see ya out there......... maybe.:D
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Dick's is having the same sale here in MD. I picked up a few of the Yo-Zuri packs today along with a few other Yo-Zuri plugs at 20% off. This is why Dick's Sporting Goods is my favorite place to shop for tackle. :D
Same thing at the Lynnhaven Mall store also.
over priced

I will be down at lynnhaven starting this weekend. I am probably going to be on the duck inn side.
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