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Dead fish at SPSP

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I was at SP tonight and I saw several dead fish again. This time they looked as though they were bluefish. I am not sure but they were at least 15-18'" and I am sure they were not croaker. Has anyone else seen this?

SP was really slow tonight and I had to enjoy the smell of rotting dead fish.
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If the had a silver color to them they were probably alewives.

If they were silverywhite with spots they were alewives. The cause (pure speculation) could be somebody finished fishing and dumped their bait, or the local netters had some get away. Those dead fishe aren't necessarily a bad sign (like disease).

btw:Rock love alewives

abtw: theose poles with nets strung to them out from shore are alewive nets (pound net/impound)
They were silvery white with spots. They were pretty big though at least a foot to foot and a half long and fat. Thanks for the info, just hate to see dead fish.
Went by there again this morning and they are definitely alewives. Talked to a couple of salts and they said it was low O2 caused by algea blooms. They also said this isn't unusual for this time of year. In another couple of week it will disappear.

thanks cat, sorry to always bring up dead fish but I would rather see the fish on my plate then laying in the sand.
You got that right reddog1. I guess they will eventually get eaten by something so maybe it's part of a natural cycle.

Catman the crabs have to eat.:rolleyes: :rolleyes:
That's right, and I'll eat the crabs - natural cycle.:D

I have seen this alewives myself and they are big like a foot long and they do smell , to bad we can't do nothing, nevertheless, last year around mid August, I saw huge dead rocks laying down at the beach, one time I saw like three of them.
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