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Davis Ferry Drop Off ?

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Never been on the island , Me and some friends are carrying our little boys on a father son fishing/camping trip the weekend of April 20-23 , Should we go south or north after being dropped by Davis Ferry to fish/camp , once we set up camp we don't plan to move . It seems it will be high tide that afternoon when we arrive , I wish it was low tide so it would be easier to set up on a hole or slough, any suggestions on going north or south and suggestions for bait tis time of the year would be greatly appreciated to show these kids a good time . Thanks
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You didn't say how young the boys are, but consider that the weather that time of year can be cold and windy, or it can be very nice. Plan to dress in layers. There are some good camping areas just off the back road just south of the lighthouse within a reasonable walking distance to the privies. Bring plenty of sunscreen and insect repellant. Be prepared to move around to find fishing locations after you set up camp. If you get a big Northeast blow, the east facing beach can become unfishable. You can head south to the point or west back towards the jetty if that happens. If all else fails, the Park Service's dock by the lighthouse usually produces pinfish if you want to make sure the boys feel a tug. Teach the boys to dig sand fleas if you can find them. They will have fun learning to catch their bait.
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