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Davis Ferry Drop Off ?

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Never been on the island , Me and some friends are carrying our little boys on a father son fishing/camping trip the weekend of April 20-23 , Should we go south or north after being dropped by Davis Ferry to fish/camp , once we set up camp we don't plan to move . It seems it will be high tide that afternoon when we arrive , I wish it was low tide so it would be easier to set up on a hole or slough, any suggestions on going north or south and suggestions for bait tis time of the year would be greatly appreciated to show these kids a good time . Thanks
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Thanks Rocket , I didn't think about the wind and tents . So south has some structure that's a plus.
Thanks guys, youngest boy is 10, oldest around 14 and a couple between I believe, So we need to camp on the back side of the dunes somewhat protecting us , In my head I was visualizing camping right on the main beach with ocean out front and dunes to our back just back far enough from high tide . I was planning to buy one sand flea rake to let them share.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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