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Peter: So Tuna, what's up with the name calling and that language you used? You were pretty mean to GDitm!!

TunaFish: Don't know, part adrenaline and plethora of material left opened by Gditm, so I took advantage of it.

Peter: Dude, don't you feel bad for using such extreme words? Maybe you should apologize!!

TunaFish: You NUTS??

Peter: Nah, just saying. I've read so many of your posts and your responses here are over the top.

TunaFish: Awww, whatever.

Peter: Dude, maybe you should just relax and go fishing.

TunaFish: I do. I fish every weekend.

Peter: Surely you don't think I believe what you say is true. I rarely see your fishing reports here, much less a pic of your catches to prove you actually fish.

TunaFish: Mehhhh, anyone can post a pics of a fish, it doesn't prove anything. Besides, I post all of my fishing
reports in a private fishing site and few members here are actually in our site. And don't call me Shirley!!

Peter: Oh really? So, tell me, where do you fish and why the private site?

TunaFish: None of your business. The private site is used to share fishing reports with no strings attached. That's the
purpose. We all talk/share fishing reports instead of posting these type of nonsense stuff. So, Peter, what is the point in this?

Peter: Okay. Okay. Relax bro. We'll, do you actually catch anything?

TunaFish: None of your business.

Peter: Okay, let's change the subject. Have you EVER caught a Tunafish in your life?

TunaFish: Nope, and don't want to.

Peter: Come again?

TunaFish: We'll, I went once with a group of buddies of mine. I had zero expectations because I get seasick easily. So, I went anyway
to OBX for a Tuna charter. Didn't catch anything but sick to my stomach nausea feeling. After that, I decided I'm done with boats.
Also, one of my buddies gave me his "sympathy" fish. He gave me very nice Yellowfin Tuna. They're okay, but I prefer
eating ling and Sea Mullet.
Now, satisfied??

Peter: Okay, do you eat tuna out of a can?

TunaFish: Damm straight brother!! Tunafish sandwich is my favorite. Been eating since I was in Junior High and thank the lord for Subway.
I need to invest into their stocks.

Peter: Alright. And why are we talking to ourselves?

TunaFish: Inspired by Stinky_Pete. He does this all of the time.

Peter: Oh yea, Stinky_Pete. I know about him. Very cool dude and extremely smahht. Don't EVER have a political arguement with him though. He
will crush you like a bug.

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Love it! I'm a legend on the internet! If only it would catch me more fish, but a five year old has just as much luck as me or anyone else. Oh well, at least I'm not easily forgotten!
Naw, your legend will continue. I missed reading your battles over "there". Frank is in his lonely little island without his comrades.

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Hey Terpfan, how are you?? Oh man, I haven't heard from you in ages!!! We'll, the leader and the major trouble maker is doing GREAT!! I'm doing pretty good myself. The other two stopped fishing.

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I've been working too hard for last 8 years(married with children). I'm making more effort to fish this year. Say hi to fc and fb for me. P+S is not same after they were banned. Of course there was a great recession also.
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