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Decent day today in the surf. Had lines in the water from 1230 am till about 830ish. Long night but productive. Caught 1 whiting about 6-7” which ended up becoming bait. Caught it around 2ish for the last bit of outgoing tide. Moved spots and used fresh whiting and managed 1 blue about 10-11”. Drag started screaming around 5am and all I could think to myself was finally. After it beach I couldn’t tell what it was and I just saw that it was rather large and thought it was my future lunch lol. It ended up being a shark probably around 18-20” or so. Once daylight started, Spanish were jumping but couldn’t get any to commit on any spoon or jig. The bunker blitz fired up again around 630 till about 8. Dolphins and birds everywhere and I did manage to catch about a dozen bunker on silver kastmaster spoons and a blue and white sting silver. Was hoping to get whatever was going after them but no joy. Time for some sleep and I’ll be at it again tomorrow, tight lines!

Whiting caught on squid
Shark caught on squid on a pompano rig


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