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Daiwa 7ht Mag, Magnet not working

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Hey guys, i got a used 7ht and when i got it out the box. The magnet system worked great. on Min it could spin for 25+ seconds. On the Max, it would stop at around 7 seconds.

I took it apart to give it a good cleaning, and the magnet ring popped out. And i couldn't figure out how to put it back in, i used Blackdog tackle's How to and followed their instructions.

After putting the magnet back in correctly, whether i set it on Max or Min. There is no difference and the spin time is close to the same.

Idk what could be wrong. Does anyone have any experience with the 7ht Mag? Thanks!
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Hey abumike. I checked the magnet again and it only fits into the slots in 1 way. And once its in, there are small bumps on the bottom that track in a groove. The magnet can only turn 1 way. I dont get what you mean 180 degrees out.

After doing a spin test, the min and max times were practically the same.

Maybe i am not hitting a fast enough rpm.

I dont really understand how it works. The blue ring on the spool, get pushed outwards by centrifugal force, to interact with the magnets. So that entire thing is slowing down the spool. The blue ring doesnt spin on its own, neither does the black block beneath it. So i dont understand what those 2 red blake blocks are doing. Since they dont even spin. They are not spinning against anything.

Still i remember when i got it, from a hand spin. The max setting was 4 seconds. Min was almost 25+ seconds. Now its around 12-15 for both min and max.
I really think the magnet is in the correct way this time.

I think i understand now. The black block that holds the red brakes and the blue ring doesnt spin seperare from the spool. But centrifugal force makes the red blocks push against the spools outter angle and shove the blue ring into the magnets.

I will try taking that apart and wiping it dry. It could be bogged down by all the lubricants i put in there when i cleaned and reassembled. Still the min setting should let it spin longer than 15 seconds.....
I mean, i can understand that. But when i first got it, the magnet was serving its purpose by spinning with my hand. The min and max spin times were significantly different from a hand spin. I got another suggesiton to clean out my bearings. Most youtubers got a 1 min free spin on the 7ht mags and mine only goes for 15 seconds..... I could have overdone it with the oil. I will update when i get the chance.
Jeff ,
Google servicing and tuning daiwa 7ht mag . This is on Blackdogtackle .
Thanks for the suggestion. I already seen that and used the how to guide from there. I mentioned it on the original post as well.

I suggest you take a look at ALAN TANI's website . . . The "GURU's" there should definitely be able to help you out !


Blakdogtackle also has a Contact Page !


Tight Lines !
Thanks for the suggestions. Ill have to send alan tani an email.
The 7ht mag needs to be thrown for the mags to work. The one I have will spin the same on any setting. Works as it should when casted.
That is pretty reassuring. Really must be the bearings after i cleaned it all up. I must have made it worse than "out the box". Maybe too much Lubricant, Ill work on it on my off day and keep everyone posted. Might work again with a hand spin.
Not been my experience with any magged reel I've owned, i.e., Mag Elites, Akios or even a 60-year old Ocean City Inductor (produced in the early 50's).

You spin an electricity-conducting spool in the magnetic field and you create an eddy field that creates a drag on the spinning spool (or sumpin' like that - been a while). More spin with the magnet away, less spin when closer. More drag with the magnets close, less when away.
yes, like AbuMike said. I may be having problems with mine, or maybe not at all. Haven't test casted the reel, only hand spun.

The 7ht mag system works by centrifugal force. So you have the spool, and the left side of the spool has an additional cone inside the conical shape of the spool. Inside that secondary cone is a device that holds 2 red blocks, the red blocks touching sides are shaped at an angle, matching the same angle of the cone. This black block is held down by a spring, and goes up and down the main shaft. The entire thing cannot spin, just goes up and down.

in the left side plate, there are 2 magnets. Both of them aren't shaped like a flat disc, but they are thin hollow cylinders with a good amount of height. 1 you are able to adjust with the "min" and "max". The other is set inside the left side plate.

now back to the mechanism inside the spool's secondary cone. Ontop of the device holding the red blocks, is a blue thin hollow cylinder. Whether its a magnet or a metal like aluminium that causes an eddy field, i'm not sure.

so from my current understanding.... Is that depending on the RPM of the spool, the centrifugal force will make those red blocks fly out against the inside of the cone. Pushing the entire device upwards the main shaft, pushing the blue hollow cylinder into the 2 magnets in the left side plate. The less the centrifugal force, the spring holding the device would just push it back down into its resting potion.

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