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Daiwa 7ht Mag, Magnet not working

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Hey guys, i got a used 7ht and when i got it out the box. The magnet system worked great. on Min it could spin for 25+ seconds. On the Max, it would stop at around 7 seconds.

I took it apart to give it a good cleaning, and the magnet ring popped out. And i couldn't figure out how to put it back in, i used Blackdog tackle's How to and followed their instructions.

After putting the magnet back in correctly, whether i set it on Max or Min. There is no difference and the spin time is close to the same.

Idk what could be wrong. Does anyone have any experience with the 7ht Mag? Thanks!
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The 7ht mag needs to be thrown for the mags to work. The one I have will spin the same on any setting. Works as it should when casted.
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