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Current shark/ big fish set ups

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We go to Florida once a year and I'm wanting to be prepared if I hook a shark. I have two rods. The first is an okuma 10 rod with a spinning reel. I have it spooled with 50 lb braided and topped with a 60 lb top leader into a 3 ft steal leader with a 4 oz weight on it. I can't seem to get it further than 40 ft.
The other is a Penn defiance 25 lw on a sea striker 12 pole with 100 lb braided and 60 lb to leader on a 3 ft steal leader with a 4 oz weigh. Will these be fine to use or should I sell out and go back to the drawing g board?
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In a previous post, you said you had "one more day in Florida" and wer having trouble casting your rods . . . http://www.pierandsurf.com/fishing-forum/showthread.php?127169-Help-me-with-my-rods

In this post, you are talking about going to Florida, as if you are not there yet . . . I'm confused.

For smaller Sharks, your Penn Defiance 25 LW should be fine BUT, if you hook something LARGE, all bets are off !

Tight Lines !
Thanks for all your info,. Yeah we are here and today is our last day to fish. I'm heading out in a few to try the casting technique you posted. I think I'm already doing this but the weight wasn't that far down. So we shall see what happens. I was just posting to see if my surf combos would even hold up to something big or if it was a waste of time. I'll probably upgrade some for next year. Any suggestions on reels that don't break the bank?
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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