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CSCA March 2016 Casting tournament

What a great tournament. We had a record turnout for the CSCA of 43 casters. We put in a full day on saturday but got rained out today (sunday). It was almost like a trip back in time. Mr. Joe Moore was there, how GREAT it was to see him back on the casting field. Bill Kennedy, Big Dan Reel, Angel, Rolland Johnson, Mike Langston and myself made it almost seem like 2002 all over again (except my body hurts much more now...lol).

We had a very special guest. Mr. Harry Aiken. Harry was the top USA caster back in the 60's and 70's. Before Will Nash, before Tommy Farmer, before Big Lou and before Ron Arra Harry Aiken was THE MAN in USA casting. it was great to chat with him about the history of the sport.

I want to thank all that helped with field setup and registration. Jeff and Sandy Madre, Steve Diener, Ginger and Angie. Bob sales helped us keep things running. A special thanks to my brother Charlie Farmer who is the field General and runs a tight ship. Also a thanks to Chris Carver and his crew for helping us out on friday and for helping to provide such a GREAT field.

Last, a congrats to all the winners. Angel kicked my butt (again) to win the overall championship. Bill Kennedy (senior), Bob Sales (super senior) , Ryan Labert (8oz WOW what a cast), Angie Gaskins and Junior champion Jon Baronowski. WELL DONE ALL.

Best CSCA tournament so far!!


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Congratulations CSCA and Tommy for keep the flame burning. Great to see that you're turning up the heat with all the new and old caster. Reading your report of all the old timers in attendance made me think of a revival. Way to GO CSCA!!

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