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Went for a drive/ walk along the Colonial PKWY 2day to see what was up. Talked to a few folks and saw at least 2 fish caught. 1 was a Croaker and the other from a distance, appeared to be a trout. Who know's? Anyway, the conditions were real nice and the water looked clearer than I had expected. Talked to a guy who said he and a buddy landed 80 fish 1 day, and 100 the next. Even allowing for fish stories, this leaves 40 and 50 fish caught. Pretty nice. I thought someone may find this info useful. Fish mostly hit bloodworms and some on squid at night. I'll be headed out Wednesday and will give a report.
Get 'Em Wet,
Zigh :D

yeah i heard that zigh i fished inian creek last fri & sat around indian ceek & caught several croaker at hi tide windy & raining slow to bite but nice sizes///REAL CLICKER
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