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Will be in the Crisfield area for a few days over the weekend. I see there are several piers in or near the town.

Does anyone know this area?

I'll have my trusty golf bag full of rods and some crab traps and lines. (Mt girlfriend loves to crab.)

Any info would be helpful.


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I know it very well... grown up not far from there, and fish here often (boat).

If your fishing from shore, your very limited. There's the town dock, right at the end of the "main drag" into Crisfield (next to Waterman's). Most docks in the area are private for commercial businesses. Your best luck there would be on a flood tide, especially if this falls early or late in the day (which it does...)

Sa 19 High 5:37 AM
19 Low 12:06 PM
19 High 6:06 PM

Sunrise 5:56 AM
Set 8:23 PM

Your best bet from the docks this time of year will be croaker and spot... bait choices in this order... bloodworms, crab, squid or maybe shrimp. It's possible to catch small rock, trout, or flounder from there, but this would be a lower chance during the month of July because of the warm water in the shallows.
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