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Could one of you tell me when the casting is going to be in Crisfield? I would like very much to attend and watch the competition if that is allowed without participating... thanks...
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ss. when you come onto this sitethe four crisfield tourn. are listed. you can attend any or all and are welcome. you can watch or participate. you will met a great ,diversified bunch of people. we enjoy ourselves and have a good time. if you plan to stay overnight i suggest you make reservations early.

These are the date for Crisfield. All are welcome! Free to spectators. Minimum charge for participants. (18 years of age and under will be complimentary.) Enjoy!

Official Rules at this link:

NE Regional April 25-26-27 Crisfield MD.

Nationals May 16-17-18 Crisfield MD.

Crisfield Open July 11-12-13 Crisfield MD.

SportCast USA Worlds Oct.17-18-19 Crisfield MD.
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Hi Bill,
What dates at Crisfield will you be attending?
hi richard. all four. fishing should pick up soon. i have about 100 rigs made up,and got 40 or so packs of my plastic. i'm ready.hope the trout co-operate. i'll give you a buzz. :eek: :eek: :eek: ;) ;)
Thanks Richard, gonna try and make one of them...
I would like to attend the Saturday show. Can I bring my heaver and have some of the pro's give me pointers on my casting? Should I bring some extra line, shock leader material, and pyramid sinkers?
Hi "Sandcrab",
All are welcome! You are invited to join us at Crisfield. I will be there Saturday and Sunday. Please bring the equipment that you normally use and I will be more than happy to help you with your technique and give you suggestions to help you improve your casting distance and fishing technique. Most of the casters know me, just ask them to point me out. Hope to see you there!

I'll be there Saturday AM around 7 AM. Mapquest says it takez around 2 hours and 40 minutes to get there from Annapolis.

Bob and some others on the site have been helping me out with my questions. I'm going to spool up tonight with 15 lb test Trilene Solar line.

Question - During normal surf casting, I usually make my first cast on the "lean" side until the line gets stretched out and gets wet. Do you guys wet your line with water during the casting or is this not allowed or needed? I find that the wetter my line is - the better I cast.

Hi "Sandcrab",
I don't wet my line before casting. I just cast!
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