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Cow Bass Bait - Storm 9" Wildeye Shads

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Has anyone had any luck with them fishing for "Cow Bass" at IRI? I know they work well in the smaller sizes except for when old "razor lips" (chomper blues) are in the water.
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Wow, didn't even know they made 9 inch Wildeyes. I've only seen upto 6 inch. Where could I find 9 inchers?
Bass Pro Shops, Cabelas, or you local (and preferably well-stocked fishing store) should carry them. I know I saw them online.
Wal Mart has them in stock for $6 a piece. They look more like a trolling lure than casting but it's worth a try. Very realistic, I thought they were actual fish in a package at first glance.
6 dollars a piece... :eek:

I'm probaly gonna lose it on my first cast... my IRI trip summary probaly will be:

6 dollar Storm Wildeye Shad
6 dollar Lunch and drink
25 dollar Gas
10 dollar Bait
3 dollar Ice

1 50 dollar skunk in my cooler... :)
If you lose ONLY ONE LURE at IRI, that is a good day! ;)
don't forget $3 bay bridge
And the $5.00 per car fee at IRI AFTER May 1st for out-of-state guys like us. ;)

(Unless you are Active Duty Military - then you get a $20 per year pass like me. ) :)
man... u guys are making me depressed... don't let my wife find out... ;)

I'm looking forward to catching some togs on the 19th.
Last sunday at iri I caught 2 stripers on 5 inch wild eye shad.
Nice DP! At least during this time of year you will get the WE Shads back with their tails still on! Once those alligator blues get them, and chomp off their tails, you might as well throw them in the garbage! :mad:
Hey Sandcrab or Husky,

What kind of lures should I go pick up before next week's trip?
For IRI stripers you will need some bucktails and some white or yellow trailer worms. The bucktails (I like the 1/2 oz ones when I use this type of setup) are usually tied to a 1 to 2 oz trolling-type sinker (I use the Bead 1-1/2 oz ones) with a 24-30" length of leader material. I normally use a loop-type knot (or king sling as listed in the how-to knot guide http://www.pierandsurf.com/knots/kingsling.shtml) to enable the bucktail to swing freely.

Other lures include the Storm WE shads, topwater plugs, larger bucktails up to 2 oz, ZoZuri darter, and any other plastic/leadhead that can hug the bottom in a inlet with a current speed of 7 MPH!

Check the Hot Spots under Delaware for more detailed information. ;)
Topwater swimming-type plugs (Rapalas, Rebels, ZoYuri's, etc.) work well off the jetties during the incoming high tide.

Hot tip - Fish the night high tide and use black or black/purple combinations. For daytime use on the jetties, try the "schoolbus" color. :) Other tips in the Hot Spots section for Delaware.

...And make sure you wear your Korkers and PFD on the jetty! One slip, and you're downstream in that current! :eek:
DOH! i thought you were talking about poppers, my preferred method to take a striper. ;)

So colors like "blurple", purple demon and nightstalker, eh? Your startin' to sound like a true SOLer Sandcrab. :p :D
THanks for the info Sandcrab! What are Korkers and PFD? Do I really need them?
Korkers - Attachable sandal-type shoes that have spikes on the bottom that you attach to your boots so you don't slip on the slime covered rocks on the jetty.

PFD - Personal floation device

Neither is required if you do not plan on fishing the jetty end or the waters edge.

The Korkers come in handy if you fish the inlet areas of IRI and want to fish near the waters edge or land a big fish with a net or gaff. I've only used my Korkers when I plan on going near the end of the jetty to cast lures to fish.

You can get by without either one of them and very few people wear them (Korkers or PFD) when they fish. Usually, only the die-hard jetty jocks that go out to the end of the jetty wear them for protection.

Do not wear any kind of boots - hip or chest waders. If you fall in, they will fill up and carry you downcurrent or drown you.
okay... maybe I'll take a look at Korkers and see how much it is.

I'll make sure I'll leave my PDA at home... :D

Check out IRI before you buy anything. Most people dont even use them.
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