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I'm sort of a newby but I have caught a couple of nice red drum so I'll take a wak at this.

Brakes on a reel can be heavy oil in the bearings..............(no brakes) (this can also be from an educated thumb)

Centrifical mechanical brakes that are held on a pin attached to the spool and fly out against a brake ring when casted. The heavier the weight the more the braking and the more brakes added the more breaking you get. Abus usually have two brakes and then you can change the colors for more or less braking or take them out. I have a late model 6500 C3 that has 6 brakes and I use 2.

Magnetic brakes are the cats behind and can be regulated with a knob or a slider sometimes during the cast.

These use magnetic eddy currents to slow the spool down during the cast.

These can be magnets that are mounted close to the spool and can be adjusted closer more brake or farther away less brake. Akios 656

I have recently been casting an Akios MM3 that has a center mag and I really don't know how that one works yet but it does work really good.

The big thing is the speed of the spool can get faster than the line is coming off the spool. When this happens it is disaster.

I didn't know anything about reels and brakes and really nothing important but after a while of buying them and taking them apart and casting them you sort of find what you want.

I can throw the hell out of a regular old Abu with really no problems.

Last winter in Texas on the second day at the beach on the second cast of the day I blew up my 656 Shuttle with the mag ON............................

I blew up the MM3 one time..............................sometimes it is just going to happen and you needed new line anyway.

The big thing is the speed of the weight and how smooth you can accelerate it. If you jerk it your going to blow up I don't care how many brake blocks or mags you have.

Get them and cast them and you will get good at it. (or you will spend a lot of money of line and get really good at restringing conventional reels.)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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