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If you can listen to rap music with swearing every .05 seconds blared right in front of young Amish fishermen and can tolerate huge families of Latino children digging through your tackle-box, you went to the right place!

I'm selectively hard of hearing, so the rap did not bother me and speak Spanish, so I had fun laughing with the kids and....you know....hitting on their hot moms.

Tuesday there was good water coming out of the gates and I hauled in 15 channel catfish. I evidently, was the wharf "dad" and had to show all the noobs how to fish. They learned pretty well, one guy caught a nice smallie (16") another a very big cat (30") and we had a pretty good time all around.

I showed people how to de-barb their hooks in order to "make taking them off the hook easier" but drew the line at removing fish for them and cutting bait. The name's "Stinky Pete" not "SLAVE."

A lot of cats were small, but many others were pretty good size. Rockfish guys were scoring near the dam, but BE CAREFUL casting sinkers towards that dam -- one more person gets hit and they will close the shore area FOR GOOD. They aren't kidding, people, this is a place of work and Exelon owns this area, they could close it right now and send everyone packing.

Before you come here, check the release schedule and stay home of they aren't going to at least open one large gate.



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