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Concrete Ships Advice

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Hey all,

My girlfriend and I are going camping at Kiptopeke the next few days and want to get some kayak fishing in. I've fished for tog at the ships before, but never for spring/summer fish in that area.

I'd like to catch some flounder if they are in there, any advice on where/how to fish in that area? I'd love it if she could catch some fish. :)

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Should be plenty of croaker and sea mullet around (squid, blood worm fishbites, shrimp). Flounder should be there too. Try jigging gulp jerk shads, 6 or 7 ". Go large, even the small flounder will eat them and the little croakers won't tear them up like the 4" swimming mullet. The current will be swift at it's peak due to being so close to a new moon, so use 2 Oz jig heads for the jerk shads. Flounder will be on the sides of the ships and in the alleys between them. Around the pound nets is also good for flounder. If you can, fish under the pier lights at night. If the current is too swift at the ships, fish closer to the beach while it is ripping. Peeler crab under a float, gulps, top water lures and Redfish Magic spinner baits could get striper, trout or puppy drum, if they are around. Good luck, let us know how you do.
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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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