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Coming down in Avon in 2 weeks

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hello y'all!
I usually come down with my family during the summer but this year was too busy for me.
first time for me to fish in the fall.

it will be my birthday week so there is going to be a lot of fishing off the beach.

1. bait. I usually don't bring bait with me. but are the sand fleas still there in November?
or should I invest in the sand fleas fishbites. and which one should I get. at 65f water, I imagine the fast acting one are better. any opinion here?

2. grass. every time I come in spring , grass is an issue for me. does it comes back in the fall?

3. which pier would you advise for me to try. my girlfriend has fibromyalgia and we might get to some piers if beach is too much for her.

4. is it worth targeting shark at 65f waters?

5. beach nourishment? how did Ian affect around the Avon beaches?

thank you.
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With the tourney going on this weekend the ramps look like interstates. Then you have surf boarders mixed in. Morons parking at the entrances to the ramps. I saw 2 fish caught today. I caught both. Is what it is.
How long does the tournament run? I am coming down next weekend and hope the beaches are not packed.
glad i will miss that! Last year when I was there it was a zoo!
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