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I know this has nothing to do with pier and surf fishing, or MD and DE for that matter...

But I consider you all my buds, so I thought I would offer you guys anyway.

I am running a bus trip to MA to go cod fishing on 4/26. If any of you are interested send me an e-mail or PM.

I know this probably belongs in the boating forum, but nobody actually goes there, and I wanted the members of THIS forum specifically to see it.

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Greetings Jamey!

As I explained in my email, I can't make that particular date (although Ed was really interested... ) I hear you about the boating board, or even the NJ board.

Take lots of pics, and post your results! Catch a "wolfie" for me!
I would not mind if the Jersey Board was incorporated into DE and MD. You and I are the only two ever posting there anyway.
How much is the trip and what info can you provide me, such as what time are we leaving and how long the trip is? I may be interested depending on the details of the trip.
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