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as my name implies i am fairly new to sw fishing.can i get some info from members as to catching cobia?such as bait,do they bite at night? incoming tide?any help would be appreciated.thanks:confused:
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Go to the How To Section on this site...there is a great article on catching cobia.
Also, you will find a LOT of the members here are experts at catching this fish, which they call Mr. Brown, or "The UPS Truck" or any other name.
DO NOT read the BobN post farther down on this board, as that is a waste of your time.
I am a fellow newbie like yourself, and you will find this board to be most helpful.
YOu will want to let these guys know your equipment, what piers you can get to etc..., that will help them give you great info.

Good Luck!!
thanks chiliboy.i read the article and lots of info on there.i will be using an eight foot eliminator rod with diawa 7000c reel w/35 lb test.will be going to grandview pier ...soon i hope thanks again
Best advice, go to the peirs and look, ask and listen. Most of the guys will be more than willing to help
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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