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caught with FINAO charters. 56" & 70 lbs. best catch of my life.
Geeze.....want anything done right you have to do it yourself.:rolleyes: Tourists seem to always forget the details of their time spent here. Always in a hurry to leave.
Here's the rest of the story:
Huntsman and i went down to NORFOLK to do some Cobia fishing again and we were not disappointed. we had great weather, no wind and plenty of fish! we had a our first fish on board 20 minutes after leaving the dock.20 minutes after that and Huntsman pulled in a whopper at 45" and earned himself a a citation. then about a half hour later it was my turn and i was battling a fish that didnt want to be caught. about 25 yds out i caught a glimpse of him as he leaped out the water. This fish was HUGE! After fighting him to the side of the boat a couple times i wore him out enough to get him netted and on deck. all i could say was OMG!!!:D This was the biggest fish id ever seen alive and definitely the biggest i ever caught. we couldnt weigh him on the deck because he maxed out the scale on the boat. once we got back to the dock he weighed in at 74 lbs and 56" A MONSTER FISH!! I EARNED MYSELF A CITATION :p 6/11/16 was a day fishing that you dream about and we lived it!!!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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