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Cobia question

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I've noticed quite a few people on this board go on and on and on about cobia. Just wondering how many have actually ever caught one. Seems to me there'd be a couple more pics of "The Chocolate Milkman" posted here over the past few years. Maybe some of you should stop looking for lighting bugs and start looking for pigs flying, because that's what it will probably take.
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Hey...the rain spawned a troll. How did we catch this one...what are the regs...I feel like we should throw it back because of the awful stench but on second thought we should probably beach it so it dies in the hot sun and there will be one less to worry about.

BobN(the butt)...after spouting off the website and magazine, all you did was back up the claims.
Don't mind the troll, but let's keep it clean. This is a "family site."

Salty is right let's talk about sharing info, techniques, and post our pics when we catch them soon. ;)
hey BOBN ive caught more fish acidently than youve caught on purpose :( :eek: :cool:
The troll has managed to suck quite a few of you in, which makes me wonder how many other guys on this board are just sucking guys in to their glorious tales. Hopefully you guys will post some of these pics I've heard about, or then again maybe not. Just remember next time your elbow to elbow with a guy fishing it could be me, and I'll be thinking "Hey this could be one of those P&S clowns" oops wait a minute he just hooked up, couldn't be one of those clowns then. :D :D
Sorry I don't have a picture of mine. What's this about you and a black milkman? please don't post it, this is a family site.
Easy Fishwagon, this trash isn't worth it. Since he has talked more about homosexual fantasies more than fishing I figure he is just a frustrated old troll who got kicked off his last board an accidently chose a fishing board.
OK BobN. But you popped the name of the magazine.

Go bother some other group. I am goin fishin....See the rest of you out there.
Well, I've read enough....I agree with "Brandon" and "Digger" about "BobN"!
I think for now on, everyone on this site should just ignore "BobN" and let him talk to himself until he gets blocked by Pier and surf!
This is a fishing site where fishing buddies talk to each other like fishing buddies not enemies. Personally, I think "BobN" hardly ever goes fishing and doesn't really have a life. He speaks of his Morgan Fairchild looking woman, and he may have a woman like that, but one things for sure, if he acts this way around her and is inconsiderate as he's been on this site to us, then he won't have her long either!
And what's all his fuss about anyway...Cobia pic's! Well, if he wants to see a Cobia that bad, he should go down to the marine museum on General Booth blvd. and look at the one in the tank!
What a looser!

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GETTIN UGLY up in here, up in here!
hey.didn't this happen last year about this time??Maybe it's a seasonal troll.I've never caught a Cobia but if I were to fish for one right now,the OBX looks like the place to be..
Alright, so I turned Bob's account off because everyone was calling for his head. But there was a point embedded in the rudeness of his posts, namely that some Va. folks seem to become obsessed with cobia this time of year and talk about the fish incessantly.

Don't make me invoke last year's no-picture-no-bragging rule. :p

And one of the features of the new board is the "ignore" feature. In your profile, you can choose to ignore the posts of certain users.

As for any trolls, keep posting :cool: I can't wait to use my new toys...
hahha sand flea so i take it you have a whole new aresenal for the trolls. Move over 007 sandfleas got the gadgets now.
Go for it Flea. Nice board. I just have to remeber to think about what I say.
He with the most toys wins.
Sandflea...I don't think we over anticipate the arrival of cobia anymore than the first of any specie for the season.Croakers prolly accounted for more posts than anything so far that I have seen.Its been drum...croaker..blues...now cobia.BEEN A LONG WINTER WITH ZIP FOR SPRING.Just a little anxious!! the R
Th fall an winter all ya hear about is striper,striper an th occasional stripper. :D Its just that this time of th year it is th most sought after fish beacuase other than sharks its th biggest in th Bay. [email protected] with my luck lately I'd be happy with a 12 in Bluefish. ;)
Sorry for being so rude on a public site. I edited my post to make it a little more civil. I wont ever get that nasty on this site again.;)
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