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BobN fair question about how many have landed a Cobia. I know I have. So I believe I can talk about Firefly's.
It is a very frustrating fish at times. For example My brother in law has a boat and has never caught one but has netted 4 for other people. I have 2 in the gallery. The 1st is a 78lber listed in winter 2000 pic number 10 and again in 2001 pic number 5 which was great example of how frustrating Cobia can be. Late 2001 I had a job change and it is going to be harder for me to have the chance to land one from pier or shore (which are the only ones I would post here). So I believe I can talk about fireflies all I want. And all that indicates is they should be available to try and hook and if you are good and have a little luck you can land one your self. I would guess that the Ches has about 100 to 150 landed every year from pier and surf maybe more. So every shore based angler does not have the opportunity to land one, but they can try and hope. Which is what fishing is always about. But with that said I guess you don't understand fishing but I believe you prefer chasing women (according to your profile). But I believe your success ratio is less for women, than mine is with fish and I'm far from the worlds best fisherman (I do have a great wife, I think she is shopping for my fathers day present tonight and I will fish tomorrow night).
I have by passed Rlotts advice about not feeding it (you BobN) which is probably a mistake. I think Brandon is right you are out of line. And you are talking about your mother not rlott about his. Let people hope and dream.
1 - 2 of 38 Posts
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