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Cobia question

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I've noticed quite a few people on this board go on and on and on about cobia. Just wondering how many have actually ever caught one. Seems to me there'd be a couple more pics of "The Chocolate Milkman" posted here over the past few years. Maybe some of you should stop looking for lighting bugs and start looking for pigs flying, because that's what it will probably take.
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I would like to be the first to tell you that you comment is way out of line. This Message board is a place for people to come to get info and tips on how to catch fish and chat about fishing. I'm sure you were a newbie at one point and you had to learn from someone. So lay off those people because they want to catch a cobia just as bad as you. I think this wacky weather has made every one really irritable. I hope the bay warms quick!!
Hey a monkey just flew out of my ass does that mean the tarpon are on the way?
i have caught one before. After you catch the first one you want to catch the next one even worse. Its an addiction. Pretty much why everyone is talking about them. Im definantly dreaming about the cobe and shall i even say the return of striper blitzes during the winter. Now those are what gets me.
BobN fair question about how many have landed a Cobia. I know I have. So I believe I can talk about Firefly's.
It is a very frustrating fish at times. For example My brother in law has a boat and has never caught one but has netted 4 for other people. I have 2 in the gallery. The 1st is a 78lber listed in winter 2000 pic number 10 and again in 2001 pic number 5 which was great example of how frustrating Cobia can be. Late 2001 I had a job change and it is going to be harder for me to have the chance to land one from pier or shore (which are the only ones I would post here). So I believe I can talk about fireflies all I want. And all that indicates is they should be available to try and hook and if you are good and have a little luck you can land one your self. I would guess that the Ches has about 100 to 150 landed every year from pier and surf maybe more. So every shore based angler does not have the opportunity to land one, but they can try and hope. Which is what fishing is always about. But with that said I guess you don't understand fishing but I believe you prefer chasing women (according to your profile). But I believe your success ratio is less for women, than mine is with fish and I'm far from the worlds best fisherman (I do have a great wife, I think she is shopping for my fathers day present tonight and I will fish tomorrow night).
I have by passed Rlotts advice about not feeding it (you BobN) which is probably a mistake. I think Brandon is right you are out of line. And you are talking about your mother not rlott about his. Let people hope and dream.
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Hey BobN I caught my first one last year. Oh yeah BITE ME!!!
Looks like someone has been watching Bruce Almighty too seriously... chill out bro...
That goes for that monkey too..
Anybody who listens to Raeford on John Boy and Billy should know what I am talking about when I ask BobN if his gay friend was burned by the explosion.
hey BOBN what cha BOBN for HAHA :mad:
Seriously guys, stop feeding the trolls. They're just upset that they aren't nearly as good fishermen as we are, well, most of us. :D As Digger said, their luck with women is even worse than our luck with fish, and I haven't caught a single redfish yet this year. :p
You guys have proved my point. Only CDog And digger can prove it with pics.
Digger, I'm dating a Morgan Fairchild....yeah that's the ticket.
MackMan, your handle sounds like one of the Village People so.....I guess you could probably tell us more about that kind of people. No wonder you like "The Chocolate Milkman"
CDog, I'll send Mackman over to bite you. My gay friend says he's the best.
Inawe, I was BobN your girl, and she was INAWE.
As far as the rest of ya' go....evidently the truth hurts cause ya' got mighty defensive.
I don't even fish....I catch
Don't worry guys just wrote the webmaster maybe he could rectify this situation. BobN I would cool it if I was you, this is an information site not a site to bash people on how they fish or why they fish. That goes for everybody else as well. Tight lines for everyone!
I kinda feel sad for bobN. I have lost more cobia than he has ever even seen. You never learn it all, and when it stops being fun than its not worth it. In the near future I will give bobN a look at just a few of the fish 40# and over that I have caught in the past 2yrs. I just need to get the pics scaned, so if we can't learn by asking questions and we never land them then how do you learn? Using this board to stirup crap, well it just stinks. It is us against them and we have hands and fingers don't let the fish get the best of us.


P.S. Those who cant catch fish like to bring the one's that do down, Keep your heads up and rods high.
BobN, your only point is the one on your head. People like you drift in every once in a while with your swill just to stir up trouble. You’ve let everyone here know your IQ, and your reason for posting. Also after searching for your previous posts it’s even more obvious. A fragmented sarcastic sentence here and there, copied posts from someone else’s board, now getting personal with board members, come on BobN is that all you have to contribute? You sure have been quiet up until now, let me guess, this humidity has your panties in a bunch!

As far as being defensive…… You knew it was coming with that post.

I sure hope that I catch a cobe this year. I will try for the first time. I've caught fireflys before my son loves to catch them.
You guys are right I've seen the light. I should talk and talk about fishing instead of doing it...........For Christ sakes guys I'm bored and screwin' with ya'll and it is keeping me darn amused. Lighten up. Call me a gay no fish catchin a$$hole. I have ruffled your feathers, because you take it to seriously. If you would've stopped feedin' me it would have ended already. Now if you excuse me I have to go pick up my gay lover
Well Well Well,
I was gettin the daily report when I came across this thread....
BobN, I just realized something. You are on the wrong board son. I mean, I have read about you porkin your gay lover but I have never seen you post a picture. Not one. At least you found some cobia pics. Those who throw stones.....need to put them down and get a fishin rod! :rolleyes:
RKx2 you said, "I have read about you porkin your gay lover ". So I take it you read Blue Boy Magazine? Maybe I am on the right board with fella's like you posting.
Hey bobn,you are definetly not on th right board. Although your trolling methods are some of th more annoying I have seen you do seem ta catch em.(Me included) But I have changed my mind,don't bite me or anything else for that matter,Just Go away.
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