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Cobia Pic

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My Pic is in the gallery, Check it out
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Nice fish,an th sand under your toes too,that rocks. Hopeing to get one with splinters under my toes this weekend. :D
Nice cobe. Now the rest of us need to feel the burn.
Great Job Shark! I fished that same area on the 21st, but did not get a bite. Lot of grass in the water that day. I was right down at the fence, how far were you from there?
That is a nice fish shark.....I have a question. Not sure if i'll come across such a prize but if i do can you eat um or should you let it go? My rule is if i can't clean it , no need to keep it ,just go right alond and release it.:)
It is not everyday you come across one of these. so when you do definitly keep'em
Nice fish!
Been munching on sharkslayers cobia all week needed a change of venue so I hit damneck beach last night caught a couple of spanish for the grill...yum yum...........geo
Very Nice Fish, Shark

Excellent Fish Shark, Maybe I can get my first one this weekend.:cool: 8(---)
Nice fish, you need a bigger bucket though 8(---)
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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