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Guys, we have a problem down here in SE NC. A great place to fish is being shutdown for night access by the State Park Service. No public hearings no input from the folks that uae the beach. They are imposing a 40.00 per year access fee (that's OK) and closing the gates to nite use. Some of the best shark fishing around is right here. Drum, trout, whiting, croakers, flounder. I know this is a long way from home for many of you guys but we need the support of TOURISTS. The out of state guys coming to spend (or not) money could be enough to get this changed.

This is a quote from another board with contact info.

We need your help,


Tommy Farmer

Closing of Ft. Fisher
For those of you who are concerned about what essentially amounts to the closing of our state park to fishermen, I urge you to write the legislators below. Those of you who will call, even better.

There are numerous issues with this new rule not to mention the lack of a public hearing or due process.

I have already written and I will try to call next week. I will be trying to set up a meeting with McComas and Stiller.

Wish me luck, and please help by writing, calling, or both.


[email protected] (919) 715-2525 (Patrick Ballantine)
[email protected] 919-733-5786 (Danny McComas)
[email protected] 919-733-5974 ( Bonner Stiller)

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Fort fisher

I allways fish fort fisher when we go visit my brother in Wilmington.The biggest blacktip I've ever hooked was beside the shipwreck. Great place to fish..My brother Dan was the news anchor in Wilmington for many years...He knows a lot of people there.I'll ask him for his help to..Count me in.David Hester
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