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Cleanup at TCC

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As I posted yesterday, I am willing to lead cleaning the shoreline. If you are interested in the state of the pier, b mail me. I'm looking at a weekend in May, depends on how many volunteers we get.
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count me in or inn , i just fished all day and night at tcc tuesday and i cleaned the whole pier but you know how them bums do down there........is just a matter of time they all get run out of there.
James where ya been man?? You wanna fish Tcc this weekend??
Feelin' really silly, but what's TCC?

Speaking of clean-ups, I'll have to give Jake Ace props--everytime we fish he always takes 15mins. to clean the beach of all the beer cans and asorted junk left by the less consciencious.

Sometimes I help, but usually I take the opportunity to try and catch a flounder or two before Jake takes over and humiliates me by pulling in 10-12 along with another bakers dozen of lizardfish. :D
Wonder what your catching at TCC & where it is?

"Take nothing but memories & fish. Leave nothing behind"

Thank God I Fish
Tidewater Community College...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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