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cleaning flounder

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hello fishing fam looking for help in cleaning and cooking flounder please help wife caught a 22" flounder this weekend
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they fillet real easy start in the middle and fillet out to the edges. You will end up with 4 fillets, the top 2 being bigger than the bottom 2. Hope that helps.
thanks but don't know where to start do u scale or scin them lol
My system goes like this.

With the Flounder laying Brown side up, cut off the dorsal (top) fin from head to tail. Sissors work good for this. Cut just deep enough to take the fin off in one continuos peice. Now the cut you made should have seperated the Brown skin from the White skin. Do the same thing on the (bottom) fin.

Now, just behind the Gills, cut straight down thru the Brown skin, meat, back bone and "White side" meat, being careful not to cut thru the White skin.

Now turn the fish over, and with the head in one hand and the body in the other, pull the White skin all the way down to the tail.

Leave the White skin attached to the tail, and cut straight down thru the meat and back bone at the tail, being careful not to cut thru the Brown skin.

Turn the fish over and pull the Brown skin off from tail to where the head used to be.

Now the lateral (center) line is plainly visible on the skinned fish.

With the tip of a fillet knife, cut down thru the meat, following the lateral line, and being careful not to cut thru the back bone.

Starting in the cut you just made along the lateral line, cut the fillets off the carcase.

The key is finess, not force, and a sharp knife.

It's a lot easier than it sounds.
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thank you very much longranger i knew icame to the rite place.you guys are the best happy fishing
and thank you smoothbore54 but i'm kind of slow i guess lol kept getting lost reading that one lol
Long Ranger,

Excellent link! I do it a little differently, but might give this method a try.

About 27 years ago, as a recently graduated Mechanical Engineer, sitting in one of my very first Staff Meetings. I made the mistake of answering a question from one of the "Bean Counters" with a detailed explianation of some Mechanical Principle, and how it applied to the problem we were discussing.

After the meeting adjourned, my Boss took me aside and explained to me about the KISS rule. (Keep It Simple, Stupid)

That was very good advice, and I've tried to follow it as much as possible.

Sometimes when I get going on a subject that I'm enthusiastic about, I forget. Sorry.
I've cleaned quite a few of my dad's flounder over the years and that link is the same way I do it. If you want to skin the fillets all you do is take your very sharp knife and place it where the skin meets the meat. The fillet should be skin side down on the cutting board. Then use long slicing strokes to remove the skin. A flounders skin is tough so you should be able to get the meat off without leaving any skin as long as your knife is sharp and you are careful. Some people think they taste better with the skin on but I always remove it.

Congrats on the fish, thats a nice one!!!!!
thank you bluerunner i have some quantum rods by that name they are my pet rods do you have any?
np smooth54 it still helped i think i'm going to use a little of all lol
No I don't. I just chose the name cause I want an offshore boat someday and thats what I'm going to name it. Maybe it'll run me to the wild blue yonder. However, even If I get a boat I still want to surf and pier fish cause sometimes you just want to go fishing and not worry about a boat and all that, but still have a chance at big fish, i.e. drum, stripers, cobia.
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