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Circle Hooks w/ & w/o Offsets

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I've read a few other post about circle hooks and etc and a lot of members do prefer circle hooks (at least the ones who have posted on the forum). I just wanted to know is there any advantage of using circle hooks with an offset or not? I've lost a few really heavy fish half way in when steadily reeling in with circle hooks without offsets. Could it be the hooks are not catching the lip of the fish since the gaps on circle hooks are a lot smaller? I currently use Gamakatsu circle hooks ranging from 3/0 to 5/0 without offset. I'm thinking of changing up to circle hooks with offsets. I'm not really worried about gut hooking fish since I make my own high-low rigs with less than 1.5" hook leader. Any input would be much appreciated.
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Hey Wrong Way,

I don't think the offset has anything to do with it. I use them both and have had fish get off. I think what happens is the fish makes a run straight at you. Even thoe your reeling the fish still gets some slack and bamm, he's ahead of the hook. When your reeling if you can't feel that fish pulling reel faster, you'll loose less fish....Hope this helps you out....Tightlines
Try switching to Eagle Claw circles,I was using them Sun.(3/0) with offset had no problems,just lift and reel in,caught 16 croakers all hooked in the lip except for one where he swallowed it.
Thanks for the quick replies guys.
Hat- I had a really heavy fish coming in and it was by far the heaviest one all night. I tend to reel my fish in really fast if possible and have it break the surface (it's easy then :D ) but I still lost this sucker. Man was I disappointed.

Trigger- I ended up losing all my Gamakatsu hooks and used 2/0 Eagle Claw hooks. I don't recall any fish getting away though. I just wish these circle hooks had bigger barbes in general.
You Guys ever notice it is always the big one thar gets away????8(---)
Thats right oldsalt,

Big fish are like old men, they get wise with age....Tightlines
I use Gamakatsu Octopus Circles w/ an offset and have never had a problem. I've literally caught 100's of sea bass with them. The main thing to remember is to keep constant pressure on the fish. Any slack line and he's gone.

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