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Choptank Rocks!

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Went to the Tank last night for my very first time. Choptank Rocks! :) Lots of good P&S company around too! ;)Nice to finally meet Tony G, Surfman, and HappyPappy for the first time. Always good to see FL Fisherman and and Husky again. If I left anyone out, I appologize as there was lots of new faces to meet.

I ended up fighting rays all night until my arms got sore. A couple of large croakers and a catfish topped it off for me.

Although no one landed any stripers, the guys live lining had some really hard hits and lost a couple large stripers minutes into the fight.

They even cooked hotdogs for everyone!

Good fun for all! We have to do this more often. ;)

Lesson learned - Use a long 50# test shocker and have a pier net handy! You never know what will be in store!
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Sounds like I missed a good time. The Tank definitely ROCKS! :D

Makes Matapeake look like a kid's pier!
Its even better in the Fall with Trout on cutbait and Rockfish on lures and live fish.It was alot more crowed than I thought.I don't fish it as mutch during the summer;I fish there more during the Fall.I wasn't intending to stay too long but it was fun.Husky I will clean your fish but you'll have to get them :p.I hate croakers :rolleyes: :p ,but my buddies will take them.If you did that to me with Blues I wouldn't mind so mutch.
Sandcrab, Papppy....What time in the evening was the most productive and what was the tide doing? I'd like to enter the info in my Tank log book. Thanks guys.

catman- We missed it and we should of been there,I do have a 36"pier net,I'm going to invest in a Fish-n-Mate jr.should have it buy the time of the get togther on the Tank,might be there early morning before the tide change.Hopefully the Blues will be in at that time. :rolleyes: :cool:
Yeah glad to see everyone too. Hope to meet up with ya again on the 21st of june. I only caught 3 large croaker and a few oyster toads. Passed em up to TonyG. Now Happypappy you got suckered with Husky's croaker. I tell you what if he doesn't pick em up, I know where he lives so we will let them sit outside in the sun for a few days and bring em to him an put them in his tires on his car. :eek: ;) I bet he would never do it again :p
J/k husky :D
Monday morning, and all I can think about is going fishing!!!!!! Friday night was a blast and the rain held off until about 8:00 Sunday morning. My first time fishing the Tank, and I must say that the people and the fishing was great (fishing was almost great). If it wasn't for a white perch I would have to change my name to "Skunk"! I think I may have slept too much. Sandcrap, FL Fisherman, and HappyPappy were just a few that I met. Can't wait to do it again... By the way when did stripers get wings, sharp barb tail, and turn brown?
Uh, if you never actually see the wings, then its fun to claim it was a stiper. :D
Did you see the "striper" that bent my rod into a circle hook (like the uglys stick advertisements)? I was sure my rod was gonna snap. My wrist still hurts from that striper. Must have been like 50 inches! ;) ;)

I have to remember that one - If you don't see the wings..." :D

Good time was had by everyone. ;)

Next time I go I will have a pier net and make sure ALL my setups have long shock leaders. :) 15 lb test just didn't cut it with the rays...

I don't care what anyone says - Next time I bring out the big boy setups! No more Mr. Nice Guy.
Thats right Sandcrab don't let them talk you out of it! On my live liners got 80lb spiderwire. Bring on the pylons!!! :D

The sound of "Ping" to your line is not a nice sound - especially when Mr Rock is on the line. ;) The fish at the Tank sure know how to use the pylons to break you off.

Enjoyed fishing the Tank with everyone - However, due to my upcoming move into my new house, I will not be fishing until well into July. :(

Catch some for me! :D
SurfMan What are you tring to say. :D

Sandcrab sorry to hear that because MR StingRay was talking about going the 21st.
I had alot of Fun and it was nice meeting all of you Sandcrab,HaPPyPapPy,FL FISHERMAN and HuskyMD Hope to do it again soon.
:D :D
You better pick up your Croaker :rolleyes: or I'll put a 5 gallon pale of Bluefish in your car :rolleyes: :p .It was nice meeting you guys next time Im down there I'll bring tons of peelers.We might hook into a Black Drum;they're down there I might put that in Huskys car :p
lol :D
Croaker thief! I know where you work darnit!
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