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Choptank rescheduling

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I am down for rescheduling the choptank get together till July anybody else with me? If not good luck to those who go tomorrow and try to stay dry.
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I think that I will try going to Choptank another time. We still have the rest of the summer and all of the fall. Good luck to those who are going tomorrow.
FL Fishman,
I hear that... , July sounds good. I just gotta fish though, just have to try to hide from t he rain. I have decided to go to Point Lookout tonight. Wish me luck. I'll post my results from PLO when I get back. Till then, tightlines
Hey Surfman,

How about joining me and Hat80 down at NBP tonight. Its alot closer than PLO and thats a long ride to get rained out. Just a looking out for the fellow fisherman.

Man that's music to my ears. Was really pissed that I couldn't make it tomorrow because of a plumbing problem. Thanks for taking the lead FL FISHERMAN. Trigger, hold the sub. Good luck to all that go. Looking forward to some reports.

I always hear bad things about NB pier. (fights and all) Was that just a passing thing or is it safe to fish there and bring a kid?
Yeah NB has had that rep. But with the Hat and Master caster kung fu gang down there cleaning it up it has gotten a lot better. So tell the reports at least.
Hey I am not saying nobody go tomorrow, to each his own, but I was just thinking we should reschedule the big shindig till we get some sunshine.:cool:
Where's the rain, :---> DAM WEATHERMAN where's the 80% chance of rain,I'm pissed and didn't go.

I know;but I take my chances with the rain anymore.All this rain sucks though:mad:
the weatherman

You guys should never listen to the weatherman. I heard about the 80% chance of showers and i shrugged it off. If i was to get rained on then so be it. I have sen those 80% chance warnings before and nothing happened. A wise person once told me "Scared money Makes no money". So if you plan to fish, fish. Dont letthe weatherman dictate what you love doing.

My fishing was actually better in the rain:eek: Go figure:confused:
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