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Choptank Pier and the "Boot Camp" Fisherman

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Will be fishing the Tank Friday for my first time. How does fishing at the Tank differ from Matapeake? Any special things I should know - rigs, areas to get snagged in, best techniques, baits of choice, hot lightpoles to fish near, lures, etc.? Will be targeting fish OTHER than stripers as I will arrive around midnight. Any pointers for an old dog?
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I have a question too. What kind of action can one expect during the daytime. Say 8AM to 4PM.
Well Sandcrab I would try to fish down at least half way down the cambridge side till the end. Don't cast straight out into the channel where the draw bridge used to be b/c many wires and snags out there, impossible to bottom fish without losing a few rigs. standard hi/lo rigs work fine there and also the drum rigs. usually 3 to 4 oz pyramids is all u need to hold. I know you like to throw lures so bottom fish the outer edge of the pier and throw lures in between the two bridges. Squid and bloods should be baits of choice. You should be able to cast your bottom rig out at least to the edge of the small channel that runs parallel to the bridge on cambridge side. You will know if you get it there b/c bite from croaker will almost be instantanous when tide is moving. Good luck and tight lines. Would go with ya but will be at kings dominion with my girl. hope this helps. :)
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FF(AKA Jason),

Thanks. The Cambridge side is the Eastern side?

I have to make up a dozen or so hi/lo rigs if the bottom is that crazy.

Only 3 or 4 oz to hold bottom? Guess I get to clean out all the lead in my tackle box and leave the heaver home.

Throwing lures in between the two bridges? Are you saying I should fish on the end of the bridge on the Eastern shore (Cambridge side?) and cast lures towards the Western bridge?

Sandcrab (AKA Choptank "Bootcamp" Fisherman) ;)
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I don't really even cast there. Just barely toss it out. Catch the small stuff and try and liveline. Probably wait til fall for that though.
Don't need much weight.
Also, I like to use older rods there as the concrete bridge scratches up your rods.
You mean my rods will get scratched up? :eek: That's it - I'm not going now! :D

Husky - I can leave all my rods in my surf cart tubes as it holds 8 rods...and fish from there if I wanted...

I'll be there with four rods (Relax - Only three in the water at any one time). ;)
There's a really nice spot hole with lots of crushed shells on the bottom...wish I could show you where it is...
Bridge is more north,north east by south, south west. easer to say north and south :cool: :cool:
Sandcrab(aka Choptank "Bootcamp" Fisherman) You could throw the lures in between the two sides of the parallel bridges(the one we drive on and the one we fish on) If you go the end of the pier you are more likely to get some nice catfish. If you want them bring some shrimp cause catman says he has done well with that. I would say fish between the 6th to last and the 2nd to last light pole and you should do good. You'll probably get you some oyster toads too so bring long needle nose plyers. Axon once caught one there was pushing 4 lbs :eek: Husky is right though u don't have to cast far there. Just do what i learned from catman cast out in waves. one pole a littel out and the other further until u find a hot spot.
Jason and guys,

Thanks for all the help. I still have one question that no one has answered though - Which side of the bridge is which? Cambridge side on the Eastern shore or Western shore? And which bridge is producing? :confused:
Sandcrab-bloods and peeler crab were catching large croaker and Rock. Use the body of the crab for Rock and the claws for the croaker,bloods were working in the early morning for perch,spot and smaller croaker.A friend of mine took a 27"er Tuesday mid-morning on crab and a 17" croaker right after that on crab claw. :eek: :eek:
Sandcrab- you want to be on the Cambridge side(go over the bridge) once your over it look to your left,there's a small parking lot,you have to make a u-turn down a little ways,go about half way down but you want to fish between the two bridges(left side)make sure you have a pier net,it's about 20' or down to the water. :D :D TRIGGER
Cambridge is East towards AI, Talbot is West towords Annapolis. :)
Lures work good there bring gotcha plugs,bucktails,smaller wildeyes,jigheads,and plastics.Just a light toss and jig;lure sizes range from 1/8-3/4.Try to keep your lures smaller and lighter.A Ugly Stick Light(1/8-3/4oz 8-17lb test)will work perfectly or any rod thats similar;you can go a little heavier for fishing lures,but keep it lighter.For baifishing use decribed above;I like bank sinkers down there in3-5oz sizes.The longest rod you'll see me use down ther will be 9ft.Too long of a rod will be overkill.If you catch some spot cut them up and put them on wide gap hooks;a Trout might be your reward.You might also catch a Black Drum down there in May-June with peelers;if your lucky. :)
I have always done best with bloods and cut spot. I have heard great things about shrimp there andmade some nice catches on squid. Throw a line out near the pilings on the car bridge. Later in the year you will be sre to pull plenty of spot and some really nice trout this way. When it starts to heat up, you can't go wrong with the Tank. You will find me there at least 2 or 3 times per week. Good luck Sandcrab!! Oh yea.... Please make sure that a 4th line NEVER hits the water- I hear you'll go straight to hell for that ;) :D
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